InnJoo phone Plus

Hold Your Breath! Here Are There 3 Smartphones InnJoo Is Launching Now

Few days ago, we published a report suggesting that InnJoo was cooking the InnJoo A+ smartphone. However, it's now official that no such phone exists, rather the OEM has quietly designed 3 smartphones and...
Tecno boom j8 headset

Fix Tecno Boom J8 Screen Responsive Problem

For folks who bought the Tecno Boom J8 and experiencing the infamous screen responsive problem, you are not alone! We have received a couple of post-sale questions regarding the persistent problem which looks like...
outdated tech

5 Outdated Technology Still Being Used Today

A lot of folks are not able to move on with the trend, they do everything to resist change which is a normal trait of the human being – being scared of what’s replacing...
5G india

Nokia and India Telecom Company Discussing 5G Networks

While 4G LTE deployment and connectivity hyped by Nigeria’s NTEL hasn’t really been a real success, Nokia is already teaming up with India teleos to deploy 5G Networks. UK and other countries have already started...
connect samsung galaxy note 5 to pc

Samsung Skips Galaxy Note 6, Heads Straight To Galaxy Note 7

South Korean major Samsung is rumored to release the Galaxy Note 7 rather than­ the hotly anticipated Galaxy Note 6. The mobile giant to said to have opted for a new name to avert...
iphone 8 concet

I’m Afraid Of Apple’s Mobile Future

From the schematics and leaked images of the iPhone 7, it looks like the next iPhone won’t be exciting. It would basically be a rehearsed iPhone 6S without the headphone jack. Some industry experts...
oneplus 3

OnePlus 3 Leaks: All Metal And 6GB RAM

Popular leakster @evleaks has released an exclusive image of the OnePlus 3 and it ooks like the final render of the smartphone. Spoiler alert: It does look like a cheap copy of the HTC...
InnJoo A+

Another Hit or Epic Flop? InnJoo Breaks Silence With The “A Plus” Smartphone

Last week, we said InnJoo was making another smartphone after being silent for most part of the year. The smartphone which was rumored to be named InnJoo A+ is officially named InnJoo A Plus...
Google Allo

Download Allo by Google 0.1.177 APK Here

Few days ago we talked about Allo by Google, the new IM that comes with a lot of features. For guys who don’t know where to download Allo from, you can simply search for...
nokia hq

Nokia Is Planning A Massive Comeback And Nobody Noticed

With Microsoft almost giving up on its mobile future after purchasing Nokia’s devices and services division for a staggering $7.2 billion, the former world’s NO.1 phone manufacturer attempts a comeback. The biggest smartphone company in...
konga sale

Alert: Konga Is Not Shutting Down It’s Website

Some blogs have published fraudulent information that Konga is shutting down its website for 5 days to test its mobile capabilities. TechRez can independently confirm that Konga never sent out any information concerning this...