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  • Clarke

    Great article, I have been using Win 8 for 2-weeks now and it is the best thing that has happened to my PC. This time, Microsoft put alot of tech pundits to shame.

  • Anonymous

    okay but why is Windows 8 a beast and a massive leap? Because that's why I clicked the article but you're telling me nothing here. All I'm reading here is pure hyperbole.

  • Anonymous

    Your entire articles equates to:
    Tiles are great!
    Grrrr…where's the shutdown button? Oh there it is…that was worth my time!
    Humans don't like change.
    It starts up in a few seconds.
    It saves on battery resources.
    Did I mention, tiles are great!
    The latest version of windows is the future.

  • Nosa E Nosa

    Your comment is hilarious, Alot of things makes Windows 8 great and the truth is that a lot of people screaming; Windows 8 is bad have never even tried the OS.

  • Jeff Aer

    I tried it, not only that, I tried to like it. I tried to convince myself it was just me who was wrong about having an unconfortable experience with W8. But after some time, I had to face the facts, I have a desktop, and for desktops, w8 brings nothing useful to the table. So I went back to W7. I might return to W8 if WBlue is any good.

  • http://twitter.com/bleah3 Red Dotter

    Like window 8 this article doesn't deliver.

  • Anon

    wait….so windows 8 is a beast because they moved the shut down option to a different location?

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