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    Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Looks like I was right about hardware not being needed to make games someday, and it’s coming sooner than I thought :) too bad we have to wait until the next console cycle starts to see the benefits.

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      It’s still disc memory, that needs to be read. If flash memory was ever that large, that’d be one thing, but being able to store a lot of resources doesn’t determine what your hardware can do.

      Think about it like this: You have a warehouse FULL of stuff, and 2 forklifts to move it all around with. One day, you upgrade your warehouse to be able to store 20x the amount, and a new way to stack everything, letting you actually store over 50x the amount you could before.
      —but you still only have 2 forklifts. You aren’t able to move the storage any faster, and digging through it all is actually going to be more of a pain.

      Even so, your comment saying “hardware not being needed to make games” makes no sense at all. You need high-end processing units and people to create things on it. Do you think they would just make games with a disc? I’m not sure what you think game development looks like.

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        Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Alright, I see what you’re saying. I’m not saying game development is simple-I know dev kits are still used to make games and have never developed a game myself so I can’t say I know everything but think about it like this: If Nintendo was able to use cartridges back in the day-and for DS and 3DS now-to read files and also store them (pretty sure they’re ROM cartridges) then why can’t devs do that for discs? Nintendo literally doesn’t have to waste space in their handhelds putting mini HDD or SSD and just include an SD Card for any digital stuff or updates while the cartridges store everything else. What is the biggest hurdle that is preventing them from replicating that efficiency for discs? That is what I was getting at when I said hardware wouldn’t be needed anymore. Sure, it doesn’t make too much sense since games are getting bigger and not smaller, but when you think about it, it really is the next logical step, as discs begin to hold more data and read more all at once.

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    Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    hardened glass? how is this possible? like bulletproof level glass or no? when was this new CD announced?

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    Manoj Jain

    Hi friend,
    Read your post, really that was amazing about technology. I did’t know about sony and panasonic new archival disc. But read your post and got that. I know only Pana-Sony are both experienced in the field of high-capacity optical media, as they both have an extensive history developing and using Blu-ray technology. Though Blu-ray isn’t as popular as DVD once was — mostly thanks to streaming


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