Who Needs BBM Service On Android And iOS?

Who Needs BBM Service On Android And iOS?

Just when BlackBerrry thought they had the smartphone market locked down, Apple and Google ensured that they had to think again as their flagship operating systems; iOS and Android respectively exposed the flaws of BlackBerry OS.

BBM for Android

That BlackBerry device was once considered as prestigious monster device, carried by almost every tech geek and business magnet. These days, the BlackBerry is largely considered an obsolete joke. The BlackBerry OS is old, clunky and just plain looks ugly when compared to the iOS or Android. The absolute proof has been the dwindling profits and massive layoffs.

RIM hasn’t improved in 10 years, their OS upgrade has been accompanied with the same old and boring stuffs, developers were not happy and when they saw the potentials of the iOS and Andriod; they dumped BlackBerry OS. It couldn’t be any much easier for developers to change camps as RIM was so far behind in the OS game, they either had to find a way to develop an OS that would drop the jaw of developers and send shock-waves through out the industry, or adopt an existing OS. iOS or Android are both hot, and it seems that making a better OS would be a larger task than achieving peace in the Middle East. Your guess is as good as mine; Why not adopt the one hot OS you can?

As I taught about RIM adopting a better OS other than BlackBerry, the newsflash came that BlackBerry’s BBM service would be available on iOS and Android in summer of 2013. At first I thought this was the best news for the day, but then again, I wondered; What was the point? A vast majority of people were either using Whatsapp or Kik messenger,  mostly because it supports every type of smartphone in the market. This is really a bit late from RIM. Probably 3 years too late.

I sense desperation is strong with this one. The iPhone has iMessage, Android has their own version coming soon and almost the whole Blackberry community has moved on already. Only people using BBM will be those telling their friends to get rid of their Blackberry.

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