How To Connect PS3 Controller To Samsung Galaxy S4

How To Connect PS3 Controller To Samsung Galaxy S4

Unlike iOS, Android will let you use third-party hardware on your device. The PS3 Dualshock 3 controller can easily be connected to your Samsung Galaxy S4. This way, you can enjoy HD gaming in the company of your favorite gaming controller. The controller works like a charm once integrated with your Android powered device.Not all games will work right out-of-the box, but it has been reported that rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 might enable it. I can’t go over it here and I can’t also assure you that rooting your device will ensure seamless integration with all your games.

4 Easy Steps To Connect PS3 Controller To Samsung Galaxy S4

how to connect ps3 controller to samsung galaxy s4

1. Obtain a OTG cable
2. Connect your PS3 controller to the OTG cable
3. Plug the OTG cable into your phone and take a cup of Coffee while Android does the rest.
4. Your PS3 controller will only have full working function when in game mode.
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Hint: Other Android devices with mircoUSB that supports OTG cables will have no problem achieving success with this same procedure. Android 4.0 and newer versions can perform the process.

Like I said earlier, some games will not be compatible with your PS3 controller, games like Max Payne, GTA 3, Shine Runner, Dead Trigger, etc works perfectly well with external controllers while a vast majority of games by Gameloft fails to interact the PS3 controller.

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