Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Tablet

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Tablet

Mobile users will overtake traditional PC users in 2015. This is a prediction by NPD but we are only in 2013 and the transition is happening faster than anticipated.

Day after day, new apps are created specifically for tablets and many of these apps makes our online life really easy. Imagine checking the weather, getting news feeds and gaming all at the same time. The tablet does much of these and we will explore the top 5 reasons to buy a tablet.


European-Tablet-of-the-year-Xperia-Tablet-ZThe tablet offers a great variety of entertainment. Outside the ability to have a large library of music and videos on the tablet, the large screen makes it an automatic alternative especially when the issue of mobility is considered. Traditional Notebooks may have been portable in the past, but in 2013, the ideology of what portability should be has greatly changed. More and more companies are constantly pushing the boundaries and releasing extremely slim tablets with incredible specifications. Netflix, Hulu Voip, Youtube and other services makes usage of the tablet much fun reason being that you won’t have to completely use up the internal storage memory.

2. Gaming

GTA-5-bikeOutside music and videos, the tablet is also promising in terms of gaming. Although, I am a huge fan of console gaming and the PS Vita being my only alternative to handheld gaming because of it’s unmatched graphics. A considerate number of times, I have had fun gaming on a tablet. They are a lot of games that can keep you from boredom on a long day. Some are free and still looks cool, but if you are looking for a great game, obviously it has to come with a charge.

3. More Portability

Nokia first tablet lumia-2520Like I said earlier, portability matters a lot. There is obviously a difference between carrying a traditional Notebook and a tablet. The tablet is lightweight and feels just like an exercise book. This is perhaps one the greatest selling points of tablets. You can have your tablet just about anywhere; in your purse, wallet or even your pocket. Of-course, the tablet can fit into the pocket due to the variation in sizes. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an excellent example.

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The tablet is also more considered than a conventional smartphone because you get to see the web space just the way a traditional Notebook user would. Smartphones usually output the mobile version of websites which normally is a streamlined version of the standard website and may altogether remove the portion of the standard website that matters to you. Why not a tablet? 🙂

4. Affordability

how to make money from bloggingIn the pre-Android era when Apple dominated the tablet market-share, prices were generally not at a sweet spot but once Google acquired the Android platform and pushed it to other tech companies, the whole scenario changed.

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With competition comes better products and overall a dip in the price of the range of products. The tablet was no exception to this rule. In 2010 when the original iPad hit the store-shelves, it was seen as a gadget for the elites, but with other major players like Samsung breaking the boundaries of what the tablet can do, the price dropped considerably and lot more people have included one to their list of owned gadgets.

5. Battery Life

battery lifeUnlike the traditional Notebooks where battery life is poor at best, the tablet offers longer battery life. This isn’t surprising because the tablet uses smaller components and highly-researched hardware before leaving the production house. I usually get about 3-hours with my HP Notebook, but I get almost 20-hours from my Samsung Galaxy Tab. My Samsung Galaxy S4 doen’t last that long especially when I am running on 3G network and browsing the web. I have to carry a charger every time accompanied with my Notebook charger. It’s not fun carrying a bag full of wires. But I am always happy that I get to charge my tablet only when I get home. So if I can’t get a wall jacket, and my Notebook battery is drained, the tablet is always a life saver.

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Over To You

So much has been said about tablets and I guess if you don’t have one, plans are being made to having one. Tablet offers so much flexibility with the busy nature of life. It’s kind of interesting to see how what was once considered a portable device as a Notebook is gradually becoming an obsolete joke. I like to to know what you think, is it time to finally consider a tablet or you will rather stick with a smartphone accompanied with a traditional Notebook?

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