Sony: 80 Million PS3 Consoles Have Been Sold Globally

Sony: 80 Million PS3 Consoles Have Been Sold Globally

Sony announced today that over 80 million units of the PS3 console have been sold globally since its launch in 2006.

With the PlayStation 4 launching in a few days time, Sony has taken time to release some vital piece of information on the aging PlayStation 3. Sony says 80 million units of the PlayStation 3 have been sold since the game first hit store-shelves in November of 2006.

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The PS3 had a one year delay and was generally seen as an overpriced black box in its early age, but with jaw breaking games and advancement in manufacturing, production costs of the console was reduced. This gave Sony the freedom to drop the price at various intervals from $600 to the current price of $200. While this figure looks impressive, the PS2 performed better, selling over 150 million units in its lifetime.

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4,332 titles were released for the PS3 with the highly rated “The Last of Us” being among the last big titles. Over 150 million PlayStation Network online accounts have been created for the PS3, the PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita and the network’s store boasts over 222,000 entertainment items for sale, including 72,000 digital games and game add-ons.

The PlayStation 4 would hit store-shelves on November 15 and Sony says over 300 games would be launched for the PS4 during this holiday. The hotly anticipated and highly rated Gran Turismo 6 will also make that list. Gran Turismo is PlayStation’s biggest franchise and is expected to sell like hot cake and move millions of PS4 consoles into the homes of gamers.

With the doom that accompanied the early stages of the PS3’s journey, Sony would be hopping that the PS4 would become an instant success.

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