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    Re: Heins vs. Chen. You slam Heins by saying that BB was “Heading for doom” under his leadership. Then go on to say that the Q10, Z3, Z30, Passport, and finally the Classic are all “products of a refined company”.

    The problem is, the only device that has Chens finger prints on it, is the Classic. All the other devices you mentioned, including BlackBerry 10 OS, are ALL the work of Heins. Right up to, and including, the Passport.

    But, let’s not dwell on that. The fact is, BlackBerry is NOT your Dad’s phone anymore. Everyone I show (I’m typing this on my Z30 BTW) BB10 to. Are nearly unanimous when they see BB10 in action. “That’s a BlackBerry?” I’m always proud to say yes. Yes it is.

    So, you’re correct in saying that “BlackBerry has really up-ed their game”.

    FWIW, BlackBerry was recently voted as being “The World’s Best OS”. I’m sure that has the iDroids out there thinking “Pfft. Whatever”. To that I say, do you want to know how I know you haven’t touched a BlackBerry 10 device? πŸ™‚

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      The author never said Chen built of it from scratch.. I think the line of quote should make little sense to you “All of these smartphones run on the highly intuitive, rebuilt, and updated BlackBerry 0S 10.”

      BB10 was created under Thor, but Chen made it was it is today…

      Tired of all the BlackBerry bashing articles.. I think I like this one πŸ˜€

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    I’ve known for years that BlackBerry had it in its heart to make a comeback. I’ll be honest, I thought the Z10 under Thor was the ticket but, alas, it wasn’t to be at that time. Now with John Chen leading the charge, it’s nice to see BlackBerry gaining momentum.

    I use the BlackBerry Z30 and it’s been nothing short of reliable and productive. I’ll soon be bumping up to the Passport and I’m sure it’ll impress me even more than my Z30.

    Long live BlackBerry!

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