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  • AnonyGamer

    Hardcore gamers probably stay away from kinect anyways…….. but there are some great xbox one games and they may use kinect

  • Nosa E Nosa

    Sony would definitely bundle a PS4 with the PS Eye sometime in the future if it doesn't happen at launch. The bottom line however is that Sony isn't forcing any kind of gadget down the consumer throat and that for me is absolutely fantastic.

  • Edonus

    All because some people dont like innovation and you have to drag them through kicking and screaming to paradise doesnt mean we should all have to suffer.

    Kinect makes the ONE the ONE

  • Deaded

    No please don't take it out of the package! That is the one thing I am still looking forward to with the new Xbox is all of the improved kinect functionality. I actually like all of the features and currently use the kinect on my 360 but would like to have the improved kinect 2 features like being able to turn in on with out having to grab the controller. However, If they could lower the price without taking out the kinect 2 that would be great!!!

  • Rob Hertman

    Can't argue there mate , they nailed it. This is perhaps the MAIN reason for me to go towards Playstation for the first time in 12 years. I can live without exclusives or rather playing them at my friend's place , or I'll take it even one step further , as a loyal Xbox Live fan I could have even digested the DRM before they pulled a 180 , but not stand a spycam in my living room watching my wife & kids around. Also , the requirement of kinect for every game is as funny as angryjoe interviewing major nelson before the 180 update – " DUDE , are you a developer ? " – 2 days later – " We listened to your feedback. Hurray! " – LOL!

  • odion wilson

    they sud have a sku without the kinect @ release imma 10 year vet on live and a lot of gamers are ether scared of the cam or just dont care really about using it .so those like that sud have a choice about what system to get .but..im fine ether way .but there sud be on day one , two sku's to chose from .

  • kevin

    No that whole point of getting it . The other features besides games.

  • Swerve121

    People are gonna always say and accuse M$ of all kinds of crap. People just dont like them. M$ hads a idea and sometimes its gonna be hard to get everyone one 2 accept.

  • Rob Hertman

    Are you so misguided or one of those paid M$ shills that are floating around the internet and part of the $1 Billion investment in games ? The author clearly mentions " a basic edition " which doesn't rule out " a premium edition " in his mind. Again , not Microsoft's. When there are 2 SKU's it pleases both people who are looking forward to the new kinect and the ones that don't give 2 shits about it and care only about the games. There are millions of people in this category and most of the xbox 360 , myself included. To , the author – yes , DAY ONE if they do it.

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