About Our Review

Contrary to belief that many reviews are mere opinions, we make no excuses for our verdicts and believe our reviews stand for themselves.  We take reviews of our stuff seriously. Your time and your money are on the line when you’re deciding if you should purchase a tablet, smartphone, a PC peripheral, speakers, games or apps.

Basically, anything we believe we can provide insightful detailed knowledge on we will consider review. While our reviews, of course, do contain an element of subjectivity to them, we see the process of reviewing products as one that primarily involves the reporting of facts.  Our reviews can contain some level of a factual inaccuracy. In this case, we will correct the inaccuracy and acknowledge it in an update that would append to the end of the review.

The Stars & Score

Perfect (10) – This is what we call a perfect score. It is rare to see gadgets or hardware having this score considering the fact that technology is always changing, what breaks jaw today can become an obsolete joke tomorrow. Despite this, if we are really impressed by a product, it will surely get the complete stars.

Fantastic (9) – Almost any product can get this rage. However, gaming products are favored more in this regard. Hardware and web services that get this range have shown their worth, at least, at the time of release. Anything in this range qualifies for a must have.

Great (8) – The range is generally for good products and likely worth buying at the time of release. Games under this range are highly recommended for fans of the genre it interest. Gadgets falling under this range have some noticeable faults, bear in mind that the strengths outweighs the weakness.

Good (7) – All products that falls under the 3.5 star ratings have certain good qualities but have a couple of flaws as well. They may not necessary deserve your wallet except maybe the price falls sometime in the future.

Above Average (6) – Not bad but above average, gadgets and games falling under this rage obviously lacks the cohesion and quality that conventional gadgets have. In this regard, the strengths outweighs the weakness but not by a large margin.

Average (5) – Gadgets and devices that don’t live up to expectation ends up here. This could be because limited time and/or poor resource before releasing the product.

Bad (4) – Anything in this range has a lot of negatives, our advice is that you don’t need to get close to them.

Terrible (3) – Gadgets and games under this range appear to be terrible at best. It obviously lacks anything that is fully functional or worse.

Awful (2) – Those rare ratings where something falls in this lowest-of-the-low range.  It typically has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Avoid at all costs.

Anything without stars isn’t worth exploring; we would apologize for wasting your time and your bandwidth.

Disclaimer: Our reviews are not intended to validate or support the beliefs of fans of a brand, device or game, nor are they intended to provide feedback to developers, engineers or publishers about how a given device or game could have been improved. Our reviews are only designed to tell you to what extent something is worth your while.

Last Updated: June 20, 2015

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