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    I have a Lenovo B50 Touch, S6 Edge, Installed Kies, Smart Switch and nothing, all I get when I connect the phone is a constant beep like its trying to connect and disconnects, went to developer options and turned off the debugging, still a no go. Where is my problem? thanks

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    I have done everything you have told me even had my son do it, lol. Either it wasn’t on my phone like usb connect(ed) to other things. Anyway needless to say, my pictures are still on my phone reguardless of how many times I replug the damn thing in.

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    Hey, I just got a Samsung Galaxy S6, brand new out of the box. But the ‘USB connected’ notification doesn’t appear when I plug it into my laptop, and SmartSwitch doesn’t recognise my phone. I am wondering whether this is due to my laptop being Windows 10 or an issue with my phone.

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      Same here. I did everything step by step but the USB Connected doesn’t appear on my screen. It’s not even an option in the notification screen. I am also working off a Windows 10 pc. I have also downloaded the drivers for this phone, nothing works so far. Please help

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    If you cannot connect your S6 to your computer, odds are its your cable. They made the annoying choice to only allow cables that have a 5th “ID” wire inside the cable tied to ground. As far as I know most of the cheaper cables don’t have this, but there is virtually no way to know if the wire cable without trying it.

    Any cable can be made to work by soldering the 5th wire and ground together, but you have to cut your cable open.

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