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  1. 1

    Edi Dominic

    Nice tips there, better still, with PC on the website you simply Right click on the Image >> View Image background, then you save image from there.
    Ant downloader plugin for Firefox is another best tool that instantly solves Downloading of Instagram or any videos online, just One click, and the video is saved on your PC. 🙂

  2. 2

    Tom Barry

    It’s good to hear that we can now download Photos and Videos from Instagram. We can enjoy the photos and videos even in offline with out access to the internet, If we download that. Is there any process to download the same instagram pics and videos from mobile.
    Thanks for the great effort.
    Tam Barry

  3. 4


    nah you have to follow him if he is follow you back and you well see the photos and videos but if he is nat you gonna see my dick.

  4. 5


    Very dissappointed in the software. It’s basically just malware and doesn’t let you “see” anything…

  5. 6


    You have to be a follower of the socalled “private accounts”. It doesn’t sneakily steal the photo’s you can’t see on instagram. So a bit misleading.

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