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    Hi, can you help me? i got a new HDD, i already format it to Fat32, but when put on my PS3, he ask for a store media with update version 4.46 and to press at same time START and SELECT. I do that and then it tells me that didn’t found any update data.

    I tried some tutorial around the internet and the same steps you talked here, and still didn’t work.

    Can you help me with this? What i’m doing wrong?
    If possible answer to my email.


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      Nosa E Nosa

      Hello Leferyan,

      Create two folders in your new HDD;

      Name the first folder “PS3” without the quotes, In the “PS3” folder, create another folder and name it “UPDATE” .. Inside the update folder, place the downloaded file from Sony website “PS3UPDATE.PUP”.

      After that complete the installation.

      I hope this works for you friend.

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        Hi mate,
        i tried that, and still doesn’t work. keep telling me the same i said above. It’s really weird cause i tried different ways to do it, and nothing.

        I used the EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2, program to format the new HDD in Fat 32, did all the steps above, tried the folder on hdd also. and nothing :s

        Btw, do speak Portuguese, just in case? lol

        I’m getting crazy by now….

        Thanks for helping me mate.


          Nosa E Nosa

          This is really weird mate. Do you have another HDD you can try? If it doesn’t work then I guess you will a Sony rep to fix it.

          I don’t speak Portuguese, lol but Ronaldo does 🙂 .. I guess you love the prolific Real Madrid star.

          Don’t be crazy bro, sometimes.. sh*t happens in life but we must always stand tall to the challenges.

          Do have a nice day and it’s really sad I have no absolute solution to this problem.

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    Geoffrey Schroeder

    Hello, can someone help me with my ps3? I have tried everything, nothing works. I follow all the steps but the only thing i see is a blue screen when i turn it on and in safty mode. Please help me i don’t want to buy another ps3.

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