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    I had this problem first time today. My phone is Samsung galaxy s4 mini. It was terrible, i couldn’t do anything without this pop up information Com.Google.Process.Gapps Has Stopped. Aaaarrggh….I asked even from the service what to do with it, and they said that you have to reset the whole phone to beginning, which means I would lost everything ( photos, settings, apps) which are not backed up somewhere. I followed these instructions but there was slight problem. In s4 mini there is not such program as “device manager”…and it wouldnt let me to disable “google play services”. So i disabled almost every picture of droids I had in phone and Wola!! suddenly it let me to reinstall this googleshit. It helped.
    It wasn’t easy and I almost lost my nerves but finally the phone seems to be working and didn’t have to reset it to factory settings.

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      Nosagie Nosa-Ero

      Hi Jussi,

      I am glad you have got your phone back to working condition. Sometimes machines can really act up, but we are smarter. Hahaha!

      Have a great day buddy 🙂

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    Hi I am major problem I did all 3 steps and it won’t let me do a factory reset I can’t get in my YouTube play store I do all the steps and keeps booten me off and takes me all night waiting for it to load and I’m so stuck please help

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