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    This was how Tecno started, very soon iTel will become a beast. Love the battery aspect of the phone.

  2. 2


    I like how itel is going strong steadily. Their market strategy seem to be working and very soon, wont be surprise to see them as one of the market leaders

  3. 3


    I agree with you on itel mobile improving. Whoever is handling their Digital Marketing is doing an awesome job. Within the last few months, he/she has really improve the itel image to the extent that influential blogs and website are posting about itel mobile.

    Best of luck to itel. Maybe when next i am getting a new phone, would consider them

  4. 4


    hope it has fast charge

  5. 5


    pls do a full review abeg

  6. 6

    Stanley Togan

    Awesome review.. No video Nosa?

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