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    Chukwuka steve

    Nice Article,, A well written local content, Nice one Nosa. I have only bought from Konga.com, that was a lumia phone. they delivered in 7days. to me both are trying, But interms of who is winning, I give it to konga.

  2. 2

    It's not Somtoo Okoye

    Nice write-up. The two companies are mostly the same.

    BTW..I like your font

  3. 3


    Hi Nosa,
    I understand every point you have made. In terms of purchase and delivery, ranging to prices of products, i really give the baton of success to Konga. Now this why i have come to this conclusion.

    Towards the tail end of last year, i made an order on Jumia.com.ng and it took them one month to deliver the product to me and that was after i had wasted my credit calling repeatedly. The aspect Jumia may be suppressing Konga is in the aspect of advertising. I think Jumia does more of the advertising than Konga. But believe me, Konga charges nothing more than N1000 for any heavy product purchased from them and for lighter products, they charge like N500. Their afflitate is really superb. Though they mess up sometimes, but i still love them and i would refer anyone to them coz i know how to handle them better.

  4. 4


    As a Konga merchant, Konga owes me thousands of Naira from as far back
    as last year. We suffer in silence, while Konga sits on payments. Its not just about buyers, its time to hear from Konga sellers too and it has been a terrible experience. Mr Muyiwa Kolawole, Kongas operations manager please pay me what Konga owes me.

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