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    Michael Russell

    No… Not done… How about the fact that the s6 only lets you merge 10 contacts this way?? How do we overcome this obstacle?

    1. 1.1

      Brett Snyder

      Agreed, having the same issue. Very frustrating. Any solutions?

  2. 2


    can somebody tell me why all my received email addresses are showing up in my contacts list, ive shut off sync in email and deleted them from contacts but they keep coming back, thx

  3. 3


    These instructions do not remove duplicates, it merely merges all similar contacts together and you are left with a mess. Same contacts with old phone numbers, downloaded from the “cloud” by Verizon or other service when you get a new phone. My contacts were literally “perfect” before getting a new phone. I synchronized with Outlook and whenever I made a change (in either device phone or PC) the contacts were matched and no duplicates. To truly get the duplicates out, you have to unlink all contacts, delete the bad ones (all manually by the way), then link, if you are using a service such as Google) your “Phone” contacts with your Google contacts. Of course if you have a “clean” backup copy you can delete all contacts from the cloud, your phone, and any other sources then import your “clean” copy to Google. Amazing how Google has seeped into our very lives…..

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