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    It’s really interesting. With paypal not supported in most African countries, I guess the only option left with most of us is Payoneer.

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    In fact Payoneer solved lots of big issues that we are facing regularly. Particularly for those who don’t have PayPal in their countries. Payoneer and 2checkout are truly a tremendous combination for selling products via online.

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    I have had two cheques from my clients
    which were declined by Global Payments Canada on a vague pretext. Not sure how
    they function? They are not very transparent in their dealings and are not
    willing to address the issue either. I don’t think anybody will like to work
    with them after reading this review.

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    suleyman ahmed

    I want to get paid from amazon,2ckeckout,fiverr and oDesk globally as my funding source and payment methods but until now i coudn’t to do that so please today i have full confidence to do that.

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    William M.

    Yes Nosa, I’d definitely say Payoneer is the way to go. I have a very good experience with them and I can honestly recommend it to everyone.

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    Payonner exchange rate sucks for India,
    check http://community.payoneer.com/discussion/24402/very-low-exchange-rate-used-to-transfer-my-latest-payment?new=1
    Maybe they will delete the topic so this is my post over there.


    I recently asked the payment from fiverr and got very less exchange rate and I asked them in support and got their reply as
    “The Global Bank Transfer fee in your local currency is $3 per transfer.
    The currency exchange rate is 2.75% above mid-market rate at payment transfer time.”
    Pretty unprofessional and they did not understand my query.

    That day exchange rate was 1 US Dollar = 61.94 Indian Rupee

    Payment Amount: $1041.00
    Transfer Fee: $3.00
    Amount Transferred: 55227.28 INR
    Proof: http://prntscr.com/5cprzx

    This is no where make near the exchange rate.

    $1041.00 – $3 = $1038
    55227.28/1038 makes 53.20 INR per US dollar?


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