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    Teresa Boardman

    there is no such app

  2. 2

    ZappIR Remote

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 with its built-in infrared blaster is simply an awesome device. ZappIR Remote app with its database of more than 300,000 device remote control codes unleashes the full potential of the Galaxy S4.

  3. 3

    Nosa E Nosa

    Well said

  4. 4


    Really Useful

  5. 5

    Alex Ih

    How does the remote feature work when used in connection with the Allshare hub as described here http://hdmiguru.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Connect-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-to-TV-with-HDMI ?

  6. 6


    Excellent post

  7. 7


    I think it’s nice. but how do I shut it off? I don’t need it running when I’m not home.

    1. 7.1


      What I do is use an app called Automoton. It has awesome features if you have a flip cover. The best is that it also kills apps when you close your cover. This helps battery life. Otherwise just kill the app in any process manager and restart it when you need it.

  8. 8


    Absolutely Brilliant. This sgs4 is magic when you discover how to integrate the features into your daily life. The first bit of technology that actually makes life easier. And surprise, surprise, it is not an apple product. Thanks for your excellent directions.

  9. 9


    Ha, ha, ha, brilliant. I went to a pub and as one of the big games was about to end, I switched off their LCD TV. I do not drink at all and drunk people to me are like brain dead zombies, so I thought I would do a social experiment and see the reaction. Amazing, nearly every person reacted instantly with aggression, nobody exhibited even a small ounce of self control. Lets just say, I am glad they never could figure out how or who switched off their Television. Ha, ha, ha, awesome application. Next, maybe you could figure out a way to remotely switch off barking dogs? Given what you have done with this app, it is surely possible to control brain waves of animals. Thanks again for an app that actually works, first time, every time. Simply amazing.

    1. 9.1

      Nosa E Nosa

      Haha Kyle. you cracked my bones there. 🙂

      Have a nice day.

  10. 10

    Evelyn Black

    Thanks for a very easy to follow set-up procedure! Way easier than the universal remote I used until it broke; took the longest time to figure out how to set it up!!

  11. 11

    Limpin Larrys

    Thanks for sharing this..

  12. 12


    Is Internet required to complete this process?

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