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    Hey Nosa

    Few days back my site undergone some trouble. So my hosting company disconnected all the ports for the site.
    Blog was working really slow. Akismet stopped working, For that one day I have received almost 897 spams which are pending. I am deleting them and they keep on coming. After my problem was resolved. Akismet starts working properly. Now it is getting less spams. Akismet is the best Anti – spam plugin.

    Thanks for the nice information. Would look forward to read more from you. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks & Regards 🙂

    1. 1.1

      Nosa E Nosa

      Hello Ashi,

      Akismet is fantastic but if you use it alone, you will still get a couple of spam comments on your blog. That is why I suggested this combination.

      Akisment + Anti-Spam works like a charm, you would be amazed how easy it is to completely eliminate spam comments.

      Thanks for stopping by mate. 🙂

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    Sir i want to know who to add a check box at comment section to stop spam commnet in genesis theme.I mean one shoudl tick that box and than only able to leave comment on my site.

  3. 3


    There are plenty of anti-spam plugins that bloggers can use to try and prevent the posting of comment spam. These vary in effectiveness, and amount of administration involved in ensuring that genuine posts are not categorised as spam or vice versa.

    If you can prevent the majority of spammers from targeting your site in the first place, then you will reduce time spent on moderation and the chances of letting spam through.

    Spam Hammer 3-Series is a well-known high-value anti-spam cloud plugin, now available for WordPress blogs

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    Samuel nwosu

    Thanks for this wonderful tips, the one i was using nearly finished my blog. Let me try this out 😀

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    Owilly Oscar

    Is there any solution for Blogger blog? Cos I’m tired of deleting those spam comments

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