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    For sometime now I’ve been paying attention to Techno Android devices, and I can see that they’re really doing great. Although, the casings, graphic capabilities and RAM are not always the best. But, the truth is we’re actually paying less for what we are given since we’re more or less enjoying the benefits of a high-priced phone. Come to think of it, a lot of users don’t even care or know about the lapses in their devices.

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      Nosa E Nosa

      Tecno is more interested in the Africa market since any attempt to have the slightest fame in the western market would be ridiculed by Samsung and Apple.

      This they do well by providing an Android 5.0inch smartphone at a wallet-friendly price. Obviously, we can’t get all the high-end features and expect the price to be fairly low, hence they have to be a balance somewhere by allowing some downmarket specifications.

      I guess a vast majority of Africa users are not interested in some of the over-hyped features being forced down the throat of users by bigger companies. Tecno F7 earned an unbelievable 4.0 review score because it managed to strike a balance between price and functions.

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        please i want to know sometin, am using tecno f7. but i cant brows with it nor do anything with it, its telling me out of storage. while i have no application on my phone. i formatted my sd card cos of that, yet i cant use it to browse nor install any application

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    Olili Bob

    i like the fact that tecno improved the RAM of phantom A+ cos people have been complaining about the Ram of their phones.nice review boss

    1. 2.1

      Nosa E Nosa

      Hi Olili,

      I have to admit that the slight improvement in RAM size was a good move, at least lag-free gaming can be achieved at over 90%

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    Obasi Miracle

    That was a very brilliant review buddy at least I now know were to look at when thinking of a smartphone for my grandma.

    The features are extremely compelling and brilliantly, they even added extra 8gb in the pack meaning that my grandma can play cool blues all night.

    Thanks for this awesome review and do have a great day ahead of you buddy

    1. 3.1

      Nosa E Nosa

      I will really love to meet your grandma, you talk about her alot and I like the fact that you want don’t want your grandma to be lost in the tech trend 🙂

      The 8GB microSD card would make you forget that the smartphone has an inbuilt 4GB internal storage. That isn’t a bad compensation if you asked me.

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    Cool review ah think am going to get ma self the phone!!blackberry batter has really messed me up!! Xcept there z no unlimited data plan yet for androids like we enjoy wit blackberry!

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    please what do i do my techno f7. how do i manage the memory so i can instal and browse with it. the phone is a nice phone but dis one is being useless to me now

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