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  1. 1


    Its too expensive.
    …… Pls cn you reduce the price

  2. 2

    Gordonz monte

    Infact I like the phone but the price is 2 expensive..reduce the price.

  3. 3


    Too expensive

  4. 4


    Why buy dis techno for N70000 wen u can buy d latest OKAI buddy T5 from unity discount which has more beta futures dan phantom 5 for 37000…nd to add salt on injury it comes with 64GB external memory as gift…inbox me on whatsapp for more info on how to purchase dis phone frm unity discount…nd it is only sold for 37000 in unity discount ….in konga it is 45000…just visit http://www.unitydiscount.com nd login as a member with dis pin “144978714631” after registration click on dashboard and click on OKAI buddy T5…nd u will see d specs and price..hurry bfor its too late…unity discount is giving out only 120pieces…nd home delivery to anywhr in naija…

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