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    john meta

    The PS5 will indeed be announced in the upcoming months with a full reveal later in the year. There is a possibility that they release the system in November 2019 but a March or November 2020 launch is more probable. Although Sony can and should launch in 2019 as it will benefit them greatly. Additionally, most of the remaining upcoming flagship titles including The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding will likely be re-introduced as cross-gen and launch alongside the new system.

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      I highly doubt it gets released in 2019 as they are not even showing up to E3. If they were going to drop a console in NOV/DEC, don’t you think having it on display in June showing off all the new games would be the smartest move they could make? 2020 seems like the target year to expect a new PS5. This would explain the exact reason they have no games to show in 2019, because they are gearing them for 2020.

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        john meta

        Not showing up at E3 is not indicative of anything. On the contrary it hints that they have something special in store for 2019. They will announce the system in the first half with a full reveal and demonstration later in the year. This is regardless of whether they will release the system in November 2019 or early to late 2020. They opted to have their own events and not have a presentation at E3. They will be in full control of when and how to present while having all eyes set on them, not sharing the spotlight. As I’ve said the games will be re-introduced as cross-gen titles and some if not all will launch alongside the PS5. The announcement could happen in the following months or early summer and the full reveal at PSX later in the year. An optimal release would be in March.

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