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  1. 1

    Pedro Ribeiro

    The lightning on the original resident evil was “incredbly brilliant”??? Have you even played it? I mean, the ORIGINAL, not the GC remake?

  2. 2


    I guess these site decided not to pay for real journalism and let any click-bait gamer write for them. The sad part is that its not different from the rubbish we get from the so called professionals in the gaming community nowadays. Truly a sad state of affairs. It clear no why there are so many dumb gamers.

    Gaming journalism is dead.

  3. 3


    I think Assassin creed is one of the most overrated games I have seen. Full of bull crappie, but I love COD.

    If you say CoD should die, then Fifa and Pro should die too, because the games are basically the same.

    Pro was utter garbage. Same commentary from PS2 ported to PS3. Who does that? And then a slight tweaking on PS4.

  4. 4


    One of the stupidest articles ever!

  5. 5

    سامي و بس

    the only thing that need to die is this kind of blogs

  6. 6


    Although I don’t agree with Final Fantasy, I agree with all the others. Especially CoD. CoD is the Fifa of FPS: The same game reskinned each year.

  7. 7


    Bro… I could agree with you on all these games but not CoD …
    If Activision decides to release twenty CoDs in a year, I’ll still be sitting behind the screen

    1. 7.1

      Nosagie Nosa-Ero

      Lol, nice one. Never been really addicted to FPS until recently and it’s not CoD 🙂

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