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    Anyikwa chinonso

    That’s true… they really need to up their game. When I first heard about them, I taught it’s a kinda big deal, where we get real-time update on fillings station price and happenings in filling stations round Nigeria, only for me to discover that they still work with an outdated feeds on price and also no update on current status in fuel availability. wack i call it…

    They really need to put more effort and work on their page.

    Another thing they need o focus on is launching a mobile app that would give us real-time feeds.. it’s very important.. I won’t like in a situation whereby nawhere informs be that the fuel price of a particular station is sold for N120, only for me to get there and get it for N160… very bad.. so, their real-time update should be processed on daily basis.. 🙂 and every 10mins in terms of availability of fuel…

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    Saminu Eedris

    Hey Maggy,

    Nice seeing you here and YES! They need to up their game before someone else plays it for them.

    The world of tech is evolving man.

    1. 2.1

      iam Magnus

      Hey Sam. It’s good to see you here too

    2. 2.2

      Nosagie Nosa-Ero

      Hi Saminu,

      Glad you know Maggy, your will be seeing more of him 😀

      I think nawhere.NG is a brilliant idea, it’s just need a little bit of tweaking to reach its full potentials.

      Marketing and promotions has been cool, the UX will evolve overtime.

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    Emmanuel Ohworeko

    Thanks for the honest review.
    Nawhere.ng provide real time update and I will explain.
    All filling station details are updating regularly on Nawhere.ng and while searching for stations,
    You see the last updated date. There are fuel stations that sells fuel for N145/ltr and for the next 3 – 5 days, their figures will still be the same. In that case, how do you provide the real time update ? remember, nothing changed. If we had provided the time of last updated and it’s showing 7AM, After searching the site and see that the information was updated 7AM and it’s already 3PM, even thou nothing change on the filling station, you will have your doubt.
    And so for this reason, We decided not to show the time of last updated but only the date. If a station is updated today June 1st, 2016. You will see it on the site.
    After updating any information on our website, we follow up to make sure they are accurate and if any thing changes, Maybe they stop selling or they increase their price, we update immediately in the background.
    Nawhere.ng is also coming up with a twitter program that would enable Users interact with our agents. If any user notice any difference as at the point of purchase, maybe they stop selling or their price changed, Users will be able to communicate that over to our agents who will in turn update it on the website.
    On Nawhere.ng, Our goal is to create a dependable system that Users can confidently rely on to get any petroleum product and for that reason, All informations uploaded, are verified and updated in real time.
    Talking about the mobile app, we are already working on it and it will be up soon within the next coming month(s).

    1. 3.1

      iam Magnus

      Thank you Emmanuel.
      Awesome idea with the twitter program. These Agents; will they include filling station attendants? We all want a dependable system like you said

  4. 4


    You said it all… i have been wondering for some time now that how many fuel stations will they be able to track daily to get real time info on whether there is fuel or not. Another notable thing is the pricing, they really need to work on it too. Great work I would say though

    1. 4.1

      Emmanuel Ohworeko

      Can you please explain what you mean about the pricing ?
      Nawhere.ng provide the real price for each station… How much they are selling at a time.
      I’m not sure what you mean here.
      Please kindly explain.

  5. 5


    Wonderful essay Mag.

    You are adding something to their tray. Fuel on demand is something that could go big if it is properly integrated into their service.

    However, with the way things are moving on with them, it seems it’s a one-man (or 3 persons tops) affair. And did you notice their website is built on WordPress?

    For monetization too, It looks like they want to bank on DoubleClick (AdSense). PPC! Really?

  6. 6


    One more thing, from the “manifesto” at the bottom of their homepage, they sound like a mini hotels.ng for gasoline.

    “…….. fuel stations directory for Towns,Cities and States with users reviews and ratings across Nigeria……”

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