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    Nosa E Nosa

    I take security as my topmost priority, 2 of the times I failed as a blogger, hackers played a major role. I have always used WordPress and this is the first time I am trying Blogger.

    This point is this; you just have to decide what you want, if blogger can't provide it because of it is mute to programing languages, then you can stick with WordPress.

    Like I said in one of my articles, both platforms have their own bragging rights.

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    I have started scaring about wordpress security but I don't give a damn because is a must I migrate my blog to wordpress platform from blogger.

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    Vivian Gendernalik

    I really appreciate your making this useful lists of how to protect a wordpress blog. Having just decided to go ahead and make my new website a wordpress site, despite having in the past to deal with hackers constantly trying to break into my past wordpress sites 4 years ago, and being thus so very aware of the vulnerability of wordpress, and not just wordpress but any cms system using php and mysql, I am, of course, still not comfortable, and always welcome such articles.

    Going down your 5 items, I can see I have done all but one of them, and that is your suggestion number 2. I thank you for that tip. Now I can follow your instructions to check for any malicious codes inside of my theme.

    I also liked reading your tip on getting a good host, because it is very tempting to go with a cheap host, especially if you are doing hobby blogging, or blogging from a personal cause, as I am doing, and you stand very little chance of earning back your expenses. So the mentality is of course to pay as little as one can for hosting.

    The biggest problem to be sure to stay away from cheap hosts, is to dig deep enough to be sure that the reseller who is giving off a very convincing, but false, portrayal they are an established hosting company, using their own servers, so you do not sign up believing you have a good host, but learn too late after investing setup time in your blog, that your ‘solid’ host is just a reseller operating in the hole because he or she is so little they aren’t even turning a profit from the small number of customers he or she has lured to sign up.

    The only way to get around that is just to stick with the bigger companies, but even then some of those bigger companies that once were good web hosts have been bought by other businesses and in that process lost what made them good because the new owner doesn’t have the same priorities in place for the customers.

    Any ways, keep up the good work you are doing providing actually helpful information. I am also going to check out your suggested lists of wordpress plugins. Thanks.

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      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your resourceful comment and I have glad you learned a few things. Enjoy the rest of the day friend. 🙂

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    Saurabh Kusekar

    Nice Article Admin! Thanks 4 Sharing!

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    Sufyan Shaikh

    Hey thanks for sharing valuable info

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