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  1. 1


    I can get the infinix note 2 today…jumia doesnt have it….how would I get it

  2. 2

    otobong archibong

    Doe she front facing camera hav read flash?

  3. 3

    otobong archibong

    Does the front camera have led flash light

  4. 4


    Rubbish phone, why is the resolution sill 720P

  5. 5


    Yes, they should have it by next week

  6. 6

    Kasim Agba

    I will prefer hote note Pro than this the only difference is the screen size and maybe improved bezel

  7. 7

    Bashir Lawal

    Sleek, Nice and Beautiful, cant wait to lay my hand on it

  8. 8


    infinix try but dem would have make it better , will wait for their next update before i update

  9. 9


    infinix why variant again, why cant you make it 2gig once and for all …..

  10. 10


    infinix fuck up big time why let the price pass 30k but people go still buy am sha

  11. 11


    i like Xcontact, more efficient and reliable than google backup

  12. 12


    where can i upgrade my Hot2?

  13. 13


    Where can I get this

  14. 14


    Comment:Where can i buy it? It’s not on jumia

  15. 15

    Wayo Wils

    The front or the secondary camera of the infinix note 2 must be more 2 mega pixel with flash light. Also it must not be too expensive to afford. If these issues are not considered, TECNO C8 will always be on lead regardless of the effort of infinix company not to talk about TECNO Phantom 5. Any inconvenience is humbly apologized for.

  16. 16


    I like the fon. Its good.

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