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    Can’t download the google login

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      Nosagie Nosa-Ero

      Hello Ryan,
      I am able to download it on my end.

      1. 1.1.1


        Thank you very much. I already can download the google login. But,can I ask a question? I already downloaded the google play services but, I can install it.Note : I am using blackbbery Z10 version 10.3.1


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    i am using blackberry z10 version 10.3.2.. i have installed clash of clan before i followed your steps so that i can save my COC data.. i already downloaded and installed but the google play sign-in is always disconnected in the settings.. “Google play services, which some of your applications rely on, is not supported by your device. Please contact the manufacurer for assistance.” can you please help me of fixing this proble.. really appreciate it.. thank you!

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    Hey Thanks TechRez. I had installed all three apps and working fine, but when I run the apps downloaded from google store its need google play services. I download this also but can’t install on BlackBerry 10 device.

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      Nosagie Nosa-Ero

      Hi Vips,

      Glad it worked for you, unfortunately apps require Google play services may not work properly or not work at all. This is because BlackBerry isn’t an Android phone but designed to 85% of Android apps.

      I hope this helps.

      Best Regards

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    Perfectly installed all but i can’t load any app.. even facebook, messanger and instagram.. they all crashes.. HELP!!!! Tnx!!!! 🙂

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    please help me how to download playstore on BlackBerry z3

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