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  1. 1

    Nwosu Desmond

    Its totally alien to me when i read of such reports about Arvixe. I have been with Arvixe for over a year and half now, yes we have had our issues but often times we find a way out of it.

    I recenlt published a post on my blog titled “WordPress Optimization – Don’t always blame your web host” because in my long years of blogging, i have come to understand that WordPress is a troublesome platform.

    It could easily run into errors, but when i learn the source of these problems i addressed them. There is a popular problem on WordPress called Heartbleed caused as a result of the WordPress API that checks your site for new things.

    In some cases by default this process pings your blog every minute to 10 minutes. This alone is enough to cause high resource usage which is always the mother cause of most WordPress issues.

    Increasing the cron job time to once every 6 hours fixed this for my blog and i am comfortably running a blog with almost 100k visits monthly on a Business Class Pro on Arvixe.

    No host is free of problems, in one way or the other one will encounter problems. I am not saying that i have not had my troubles with Arvixe, so did i with other hosts before i moved to Arvixe.

    Its same everywhere, but if you have moved and your problems stopped then i must say you have done well because there is nothing better than a fast and smooth running blog, it encourages visitors to engage better.

    Ensure to implement proper WordPress optimization tips especially those that will reduce your server resource usage and improve your site speed. Load your javascipts and css in asynchronous mode, it helps and ensure to use a CDN and cache software for optimal performance.

    Mind sharing where you moved to in case Arvixe decide to start with me next since you have moved. Lolz

    1. 1.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello Nwosu,

      Thanks for your feedback but I want to quickly say I am not ingnorant of your honest and sincere suggestions. I had equally written a article on how to reduce WordPress CPU usage.

      While on Arvixe, we used Amazon Cloudfront, couple with APC caching via W3total cache. We equally reduced the server response request from 240 to under 100.

      We constantly optimized the template because we didn’t want to leave our dear Arvixe. However, that was an exercise in futility.

      There were also complains about the DNS, — Arvixe said it was my from domain name registra, my domain name registra said the problem was from Arvixe.

      We were at a cross-road.

      However, this is only our experience and I didn’t give it a Review Score for personal reasons.

      Do have a nice day friend.

      1. 1.1.1


        When you do all that you can to optimize a site yet it is still crashing a VPS then you simply do not have enough power for the demands of your site. I do not see that as being a problem with Arvixe, but rather this increasing trend where webmasters expect hosting companies to do everything for them.


          Nosa Ero Nosa

          If you actually read the article correctly, I’m pretty sure you won’t be making this remark. Either way, your feedback was highly appreciated. 🙂

        2. Bob

          I did read thoroughly, I am simply explaining that any given environment has a given set of power. A VPS is a private server, if it crashes due to load, you simply need more power. Optimization can help, but it sounds like you already went down that path. most web hosts will help with items like this, but you have to remember where the source of the problem is.

      2. 1.1.2

        Presegs Adesida

        I experienced exactly the same issue with arvixe some weeks ago when I moved ijamsolution.com to more powerful server as the previous one was always giving 404 error but it was sorted out when I contacted them.

        Contact quality assurance team if support is not serious.My first server I bought from arvixe is the best not giving any issue but others have been giving problem which they’ve always been there for me though.

  2. 2


    Don’t be surprise, in no time you will be receiving a comment from one fool called Noah going to explain why of these occurred.
    I once on it myself as well and I guess you did the recommendation but little did I know I was selling my colured tv for a black and white. Hahaha!

    1. 2.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello Emmanuel,

      I am really sorry for that. I remember I did the recommendation, and you were the third guy on the article, I lost the content of the chat we had about Arvixe and I would be glad if you still have it. I cold quickly append it to the article.

  3. 3

    Anyikwa chinonso

    Arrivx is truely a worse nightmare… Shm..

    I must conclude that it’s due to the much customers that they accumulate on their server, that’s what cause their latest downgrade. I still remember arrive 2yrs back, they threat customers like kings/Queen, but Now, the plethora of commodity in their cabal is now making them going extremely down the rail..

    Once more, shame to arrivx.. Annoying… 🙁

    1. 3.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  4. 4


    Thank God you admit it from your mouth, I have been disturbed and troubled about hosting with them and now, you, my boss, has finally spit their problems out.

    1. 4.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  5. 5

    Agbonghama Collins

    As a WordPress developer, I have come to know that WordPress is cpu and server resources intentive.

    Even if you use cache plugin, server object cache and cdn.

    From your article, I guess where the arvixe team failed gracefully is the support.

    Maybe the server they placed you in wasn’t a very good one.

    Am not trying to defend them here cos I have read several negative review about them.

    I think they’ve outgrown their service hence the lag.

    I just hope they put their ass together.

    My 2cent.

    1. 5.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Arvixe has outgrown their service capacity.. They should stop accepting customers and work with what they have. There was a web host I wanted to purchase, but I got the “out of stock” banner slammed at my face and I respect them for that..

      You don’t have keep accepting clients to a server, especially when its old. Failure and disgrace is the result of such actions.

      Thanks for your feedback buddy.

  6. 6


    Hello Nosa,
    Arvixe who? I remembered the first time i joined arvixe, i’d tell you that they are the best “then” because they answer to your needS and your blog will never go offline even for once.

    But now, arvixe became the laughing stuck of most bloggers. Imaging, Because of the offline my blog go through, i lost half of my traffic, i even got several warning from Google about can’t access my blog – and you know what it means to get warning from the big G 🙁

    Arvixe have lost their essence and pretty soon, they are going to loooooose much customers and maybe they will meet their doom.

    I am not here to criticize or abuse any host, i am just here to support a good minded bro… and i am proud of you for leaking their butts.

    Thanks and do have a beautiful week ahead…

    1. 6.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello Babanature,

      It’s really nice to see you share your thoughts with Arvixe. The company needs to know that the world is watching them and people are running out of patience with them. They might have the resources to keep lying to innocent customers with “paid advertisement” that their services is divine.

      Advertisement don’t last for ever, they can keep shoving mediocre services down the throat of customers and when they realize, the would obviously dump them.

      If a company looses one customer, it has automatically lost 10 customers. That’s they philosophy behind business.

      Thanks for your feedback and I do hope Arvixe would find a solution to your problem if it has not already been fixed.

  7. 7

    Obasi Miracle

    Hi bro Nosa,

    I was expecting a review like this owing to those updates of yours on facebook that depicts the outcry of someone who’s been frustrated.

    It pains to entrust so much on a person and/or a service with great expectations only to be rewarded with mediocrity and incompetence of the highest order.

    I for once expected that a company as big as Arvixe should be priding themselves with a dedicated WordPress support persons that understands the in and out of the platform.

    Honestly Arvixe isn’t one of the bad hosting companies around, but their support guys has really let them down of late.

    Of recent, I have turned to a personal support assistance to most guys I recommend Arvixe to.

    I hope they look into this mess soon and make it even better than what it used to be before now.

    In all, Arvixe is a normal hosting company with a very bad support team. Sorry for all the stress you went through bro.

    Do have a great week already.

    1. 7.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello Obasi,

      Those were the most frustration moments of my life as a technical blogger. But I am glad I finally found a place where I not noticed a single downtime.

      Businesses strive on technical support, when this core feature is lacking, you have multiple unhappy customers and they will bite you at whatever opportunity they have.

      I deliberately didn’t include my new host in the article. I didn’t want it to seem I was looking for affiliate commission with my new host and using Arvixe as the bait. I do not have time for that, my words are sharp and my actions are plane.

      I will again say, as I said in your Arvixe review that I can’t recommend Arvixe to anyone, not even my enemies. 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback buddy and enjoy the rest of the day.

  8. 8



    Thank you Emmanuel for letting people know I would be there. It is my job at Arvixe to reach out to customers that have had issues and let people know that we do care. In Management we do read reviews, review QA e-mails, and respond to management{at}arvixe[.]com and we do take all feedback into consideration. This is because we do want to create a hosting environment that everyone can work with. We are never going to turn a blind eye to our customer and leave them hanging as you have seen with companies that EIG has purchased. One of the issues with running a business is that there are many different expectations from customers and we try to provide a service that hits all those points. Each customer’s experience is unique and unfortunately there are some situations where it just doesn’t work our for the customer and Arvixe. This was one of those cases. To touch on a few points made:

    -It appears that the tech did not make the information clear about switching from a BusinessClass to a VPS. We pro-rate all upgrades and if you are in the refund period (just order a new plan) we can add the full price paid to the new plan. We were not going to charge you double and I am sorry if that wasn’t made clear.

    -While the VPS plan gives you more control over what is on your site the BusinessClass plan actually gives more resources then the VPSClass plan (Not the VPSPro through)

    -The Free month was offered in good faith to give you more of a chance to work with our VPS to see if that would have worked for you.

    -We don’t overload our servers. We don’t just throw people on them until they can’t be used. There is a set number of users that we allow per server which we have calculated to provide a good environment. Unfortunately this is a shared server and their can be abusers. We are also working through to make sure that abusers are handled swiftly.

    -We always have extra servers ready because we plan ahead. We make sure that if we were to have a large number of orders, customers would not need to wait to get their account setup.

    -On a VPS if you are seeing any error messages it is 99% of the time a situation with your server alone. We run Hyper-V which gives a dedicated environment for you to work on. You do not share resources with anyone else, the amount of RAM/CPU/Space listed on the plan is all your own, no one else can use it.

    -For backups we have R1Soft that the customer has direct access to (on cPanel plans) and can restore the files themselves. That being said we always recommend for a customer to keep a backup of their files.

    We do have 24/7 QA and the management e-mail was posted above. We do appreciate whenever someone has a problem, if they feel our normal support is not handling it adequately whether it be with service or their site to e-mail there. We bear no ill will towards Nosa, we are sorry it did not work out and we wish him the best.

    1. 8.1


      You guys are annoying you better fix your host or we will make a protest and you will lose Nigerian blogger. Convincing them not to use ur host. If I don’t have a problem till september I will continue using ur host but if you guys do, I will port. #arvixesucks

  9. 9


    What i want to say has been said by Desmond,

    For 3 months now, i am yet to see any server related issues even though i have had problems early this year.

    1. 9.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your feedback Kingsley. 🙂

  10. 10


    According to most of my friends, said arvixe. Is the best. I venture into my music blog StarNaija using arvixe annoying Host and I smell hell. I lost my content due to their recklessness. They hacked my site or whatever. then they upgraded my sever to another yet I still had a problem with them. My worse night mare with them was when I lost my content. Those guys are annoying they are my worst mistake. My site has be down more then 6 time. Only God know when they will take it down again. One piece of advice do go for arvixe host you will definitely regret. #arvixesucks

    1. 10.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello Azoka, Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

      1. 10.1.1


        No mind them na protest we go do soon

  11. 11

    olili Bob

    Just like noah has explained most times in a business you cannot meet the need of all customers, My boss Obasi Miracle recommended Arvixe to me and I started hosting with them, it has been one bad experience after the other but I think every business has its bad times, I am not defending arvixe but I think they should put people’s complain into consideration and getting their ass together, I heard Arvixe recently got a new server so I guess they have already started working on their downtime Issues. I just think they should use these criticisms and correct all their mistakes and get better else they would keep loosing customers. Nice review boss, I feel your pain, i was also there when you were going through all the downtimes but lets wait and see If arvixe has listening ears and If they mean business. Getting back a bad name is never easy

    1. 11.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your feedback Olili 🙂

  12. 12


    Arvixe should stop using cheap Asian freelancers for their customer support. For those complaining about suspicious hacks, always change your cpanel credentials. Rename databases, make your own backups. Its basic security practice.

    1. 12.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Wow, those are fundamental tips you got there. As basic as they are, they are very important because you can never tell when the worse will happen.

      Thanks for your feedback Mswati 🙂

  13. 13

    Don Caprio

    Hey Nosa,

    I’m sorry you had to go through all that but it happens… I mean, it can happen with any web host. The only time I remember I had issues with these guys was when I was on their shared hosting plan. I’ve been with Arvixe for over 2 years now and I don’t plan to change my host anytime soon (unless they start acting up). Hosting about 5 websites on the account and everything looks okay.

    Maybe I’ve been lucky or it’s because I ensure there’s little load on the server by optimizing the sites and using CDN but I haven’t had a cause to contact the support for any major issue in the past one year.

    I’ll still be on Arvixe (till my luck runs out) :p

    PS: Even though Arvixe works for me, I tend not to recommend these web hosts. They can act crazy and mess with your business whenever they feel like. I visited hell and came back alive when Hostgator gave me the red card in 2012 for a stupid reason.

    1. 13.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello Don,

      Thanks for your feedback and I am glad you are having no problems at Arvixe. However, your words were the exact words I told three of my friends I recommended Arvixe. I told them Arvixe was cool and almost swore never to leave them.

      When the worse happened, I didn’t need special counselling to know I had to move immediately. I do hope Arvixe continues to provide good services to you. I am equally aware of your issues with Hostgator. Sometimes, you can’t trust big corporations, they just lure into their system with impressive advertisement and leave you in the middle of the ocean.

      I love your final remarks. I have equally vowed never to recommend any webhost to anyone. Hence, the reason why I didn’t bother to include the new web host that has given me complete rest of mind. The only time I contacted their support was the provisioning of the server.

      Do have a nice day. 🙂

  14. 14



    I had this same issue with Dreamhost a while back but like someone pointed out it could be due to you overloading the server. This could be caused by plugins, traffic, theme or an attack on your site.

    Like you I tried every optimization trick out there & it didn’t do the trick & lastly I moved my blog to a managed webhost – Zippykid (Pressable).

    The issue stopped immediately but with more experience with WordPress and a rising cost of the Pressable plan, I tried a new shared host & one after the other I moved all my sites to them.

    I can confirm to you that, in over 7 months, I’m yet to experience more than 5ms downtime in a month.

    So if you try it all and it doesn’t stop, change your webhost not your plan.

    If it still continues when you switch host, at least you know the issue is from your end.

    1. 14.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your feedback CJ 🙂

  15. 15


    Man, I HATE Arvixe. They’re the reason I lost my social networking project. They overcharge you and run up your server space so you’re forced into buying their more expensive plans that aren’t much of a change.

    I remember they said I had no errors with my blog site, the only way to fix it was to upgrade to a business package (for a personal blog!). They are shadier than any company I ever worked with, DO NOT GET ARVIXE!

    They’re speeds are God-awful, they have a support staff that seems like they were hired straight out of middle school, and they over price everything..

    1. 15.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your feedback Jake 🙂

  16. 16


    This month marks one year have been using my host and i have never ever contacted them for any issues b4, and i just tnk jah for that… i seriously can’t face the suck stress of changing webhost, it’s just like changing a wife, Gosh. anyway great post. kip it up. Even the mumu. Even the mumu Noahatarvixe still track ur post *LOL* …

    1. 16.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks for your feedback Gbaze 🙂

  17. 17


    Hello Nosa,

    Is been a while. Please i need your help on this case. Arvixe has caused me to loose about 3,500 of my daily visitors with the errors and offline my site is currently experiencing. What host do you use and how have they been to you? and can they manage a site that consumes more CPu resources.

    1. 17.1

      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello Robinson,

      I am sorry you are having issues with Arvixe. Unfortunately, like I wrote in the article, I no longer recommend hosting services to people.

      However, if you insist on using my host, for which I cannot give any guarantee excellence in service delivery.. You could shoot me a mail via the contact form, and I continue from there..

      But, you have to use my referral link, which I shall create upon your request.. 🙂

      Do have great day.

  18. 18


    Ahhh yes, this is similar to my experience with arvixe, frankly I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.
    Slow and poor support and they constantly locked my scripts and told me to get vps. I didn’t … I left

  19. 19


    AGREE, ARVIXE IS THE HELL,. I was stolen by Arvixe. No exist support and have bad panel.

  20. 20


    I have had similar experiences with Arvixe, where I was on a great server with super fast access and no issues for 2 years then thought I’ll move my reseller accounts over to somewhere a bit cheaper. I am glad I only moved some of the sites as within a month, several were defaced and I had to restore them but it happened multiple times over multiple months. I’d prepaid a certain amount so was hoping it would get better. I was advised I should secure the sites but that makes no difference. Now I have a VPS setup with Linode and run cpanel etc and have the sites on there. The speed and resource usage is so small and fast, I wish I’d never been with Arvixe.

  21. 21


    Arvixe is a NIGHTMARE.
    In almost a year I had 4-5 issues with them, all taking about a week to solve or never properly solved.
    1. Whining about disk space and bandwidth usage (<2TB/month), although are advertised and sold as UNLIMITED. Same resources used with HostUpon for example and NOT A COMPLAIN. Needed to move sites to have them on EU server. This issue is coming alive
    2. Capping your bandwidth because of 1. and suggesting to "upgrade" coz they think you're stupid and don't know nothing about resource management and they want to use you as a cash cow.
    3. Improper cpanel installation
    4. Screwing up linux installation after unrequested migration thus cron jobs were fu**ed up.
    5. Sites hacked and malware installed and they expected me to clean up, instead of cleaning the server.
    5. LOW response times for WP sites
    Not to mention the nerve consuming support they offer, both Live (which is just a promise of ticket escalation) and tickets which take an eternity to get solved, most of the time using improper solutions.

    Planning to dump Arvixe on BlackFriday and move back to HostUpon. I'll lose a year out of the 2 I initially purchased, but what the heck, better that than losing my business.

  22. 22

    Chris Taylor

    I have also same experienced with you guys. I dont know what happened. Previously, they are very great and I’ve been with them for 3 years. This is the big accident. My sites almost down for a week and their support response always checking the issue. EIG acquired their business?

  23. 23

    Jeff Gandy

    A quick search of the web will show you that Arvixe is imploding. Their service has been horrific and a complete disaster for a small project being built for a local non-profit. I would never have chosen them, but I inherited the problem. If you are looking for a hosting company run – do not walk – as fast as you can from Arvixe.

    1. 23.1

      Chris Taylor

      Previously, they are great hosting provider and I love their customer support. EIG is truly the big problems. I’m very disappointed. I just moved my site to asphostportal.com. Arvixe should not sell their business to EIG… Everyone get this disaster now..

  24. 24

    Bob Skiba

    Arvixe was purchased by Endurance International Group in 2015, since then it’s gone downhill dramatically. Arvixe used to be a reliable, cost-efficient web host. All that changed. There are frequent down times (our site and mail have been down for a week as of this posting) and customer support is virtually non-existent. After 6 years with them, we have to scramble to find another, more reliable web host. It’s a shame to see a decent company run into the ground..

  25. 25


    Email to ARVIXE Support

    Dear Madam or Sir,

    I am missing 2 files on wwwroot … which were still there on
    October 31, the site was then working more or less normal.

    Since a couple of days ago site was working very unstable, constantly off
    line and not all functionalities were there.

    2 files of 4,660 in 503 directories, so I can not exactly say which files,
    I can only measure the count, all I know they are a couple of hundred

    Since I only use secure tls ftp, I could have man-on-client (my PC) key
    logging my passwords, or some one with access to the server is deleting

  26. 26


    Had 4 sites hosted with Arvixe with over 10,000 words of content total and LOST EVERYTHING because my account got hacked and my sites were suspended due to malware. I have 15 other hostings accounts and Arvixe is by far the worst. Don’t make the mistake of using Arvixe.

    1. 26.1

      Nosagie Nosa-Ero

      Arvixe has always been a disaster! We won’t recommend it to anyone, not even our enemies..

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