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    elusoji sodeeq

    the importance of Guest posting and commenting can never be overemphasized. I got my first Google appearance from a blog I commented on during the first days of my blog. I am leaving out content here because I believe everybody knows content is king.
    Great tips from your, good job man

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      Nosa Ero Nosa

      Thanks alot for your warm contributions buddy.

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    'Uju Uduma Ikpa

    Hi Nosa,
    Thanks for a raspy resourceful post.
    Frankly, it can be daunting at times owning a blog, but posts like this gives me a new perspective.
    I will work on some of these as I’ve been on others without being told. Top on my list now would be to make my site design better.
    Cheers and keep it up

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    Erik Emanuelli

    Hi Nosa,
    great list of effective ways to get traffic to your blog.

    I can add blog commenting as a great way not just to get visits to your content,
    but also to build connections within bloggers of your niche.

    Thanks for adding Klinkk to this post.
    Really appreciated!

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    Good tips and thank this wonderfull article, i’ll surely try them

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