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  1. 1

    Ana Helušić

    tenkre glupi

  2. 2

    Russell Gorall

    What Xbox One momentum?

  3. 3

    Arron Clements

    The real news story in this article is that someone thought the Xbone has momentum.

  4. 4


    Go play your Allowance Box 360.

  5. 5

    Ana Helušić

    glupi jadnik sa kurcem u guzici hahaha

  6. 6

    Jimmy Tex

    GFY paupertart!

  7. 7


    Was prison empty?

  8. 8

    Jimmy Tex

    More PauperStation4 bullshit. Nobody cares about overhyped vaporware that won't deliver, like Sony always does.

  9. 9


    Really? I'm guessing it's a slow news day.

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