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    Barry Calvert

    nope, dont work, not even in an hour

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      No. It still doesn’t work for me either.
      I am sick of people saying how to do something and that it is simple.
      Then they say the problem must be your diver (never is in the 30yrs of owning computers have I ever had a problem that turned out to be the “driver”)
      Or they say the USB cable is no good ( can’t be that because it hooks up works and shows the files on the screen, It just will not allow any down loads or up loads )

      Or the latest is they tell you to turn on “Debugging mode” in the developers options and “It should work” and it still doesn’t.

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    Ridiculous! If it showed up on my phone I wouldn’t be here. My S5 used to do this, but now it doesn’t. Neither my PC or my phone acknowledge one another at all regardless of what I do

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