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    Larry Frank

    Lols Never knew Samung has been this concealed in the four coners of the world by Xiaomi in China, Gionee in India and Tecno dismissing them from Africa. Let’s look up to their new plans and see the result anyway.

  2. 2

    Taron Ramsay

    This has nothing to do with samsung failing as a business. This would apply to anyone who has a large market share of anything, once most people have one of their products, there are less people to buy them who don’t already have one. When iPhone sales slow down or drop because most people have one, it does not mean apple is failing and their future looks cloudy!!!!!!

  3. 3


    While I do believe the annual upgrade is reaching ridiculous speeds and the average person cant afford it. Samsung brand loyalty is stronger than ever. Make no mistake about it. But people are content about the power of their smatphones like the S3 and S4 and Note 3. Hugely popular phones everywhere you go. Apple’s “S”upgrade strategy works perfectly when it comes to pacing even if they are getting trounced in specs power. Apple knows how people spend better than Samsung which should calm down and ease up.

  4. 4

    keshav kumar

    the main reason for sudden fallen of samsung mobiles in global market because there are many new mobile company providing same or better features at very low rate compared to the samsung mobile.other main reason is that few days back google with some local brand launched the android one ,which become famous among users

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