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  1. 1

    Nosa E Nosa

    Unfortunately, I have no idea at the moment. But I will do a research on it and publish it as an article only when I have substantial knowledge about it.

  2. 2



    Thank you for sharing this , i have submitted my blog succesfully after reading this post and one more request it will be very helpful if your provide , i wanted to submit my sitemap to chinese search called “www.baidu.com” but i am not able to do that it will be very helful if you provide tutorial on that , will be waiting for your response ..

  3. 3

    Dennis Sweatt

    I used this process for my art blog as instructed. Hope I get the results promised. Thanks for this article.

  4. 4


    Great post, easy to follow and worked perfectly, thanks.

  5. 5

    Nathon Mike

    Where is the process of submission of site to Yahoo ???

    1. 5.1

      Nosa E Nosa

      “About two years ago, there was an announcement of a merger between Yahoo! site explorer and Bing webmaster tool. Few months after the announcement, the algorithmic transition to Bing was completed.”

      If you read the beginning of the article, you would understand that submitting to Bing means submitting to Yahoo. You don’t have to perform any extra task at the moment. Should this change, I will update the post appropriately.

      Thanks for visiting.

  6. 6

    tv showz

    nice post just submitted my blog to bing

  7. 7


    I need this information and i got it here.Thanks a lot.

  8. 8

    Toby Allen

    Thanks for the info, it worked fyn for me. waiting to see them index the site now

  9. 9

    Ariful Haque

    I visit your site everyday and you have no search option ….i need your some suggestion i see you place google adsense and infolinks ads same page same time google cant any problem…am i add this in my site……

    Which ads is better Infolinks, chitika and Amazon which is better for ads and can you tell me this companys payment system because my country can not accept paypal….is there any other way??
    Thank you

    1. 9.1

      Nosa E Nosa

      Hello Ariful,

      You can have Google Adsense and infolinks on the same page. It is not against the ToS of either adnetwork.

      On infolinks, Chikita and Amazon. No one is better than each other. It all depends on your targeted audience and what your blog is all about. I suggest you try each of them and see which works for you.

      I tried Media.net, Chikita and infolinks but I am guessing that infolinks works best for me amongst the three. You should try all and decided which network to drop and retain. Always remember to read their ToS, so you don’t get penalized.

      Do have a nice day friend.

  10. 10


    thanx the info… 😀

  11. 11

    Karl Bellz

    Anytime i check my site index rate, yahoo=0, bing=0, google= 3000+
    i hope after submiting these guys will not be as lazy as google bot to crawl.

  12. 12

    Monnel Espiritu

    another item in to-do liust

  13. 13

    Incredible Divya

    Bing WMT is almost similar to Google WMT, but it takes long time to index in comparison to Google WMT. Well, I would say nice post indeed.

    1. 13.1

      Nosa E Nosa

      Spot on buddy, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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