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    great list….although i’d probably replace polyphony or ea canada with Irrational, because when you are talking about pushing the envelope, newer & better soccer sims and racing games aren’t necessarily groundbreaking, and haven’t seen more than minor upgrades over the years, whereas Irrational put out two of the best and most imaginative titles of this generation in bioshock & infinite…for world building alone they should come before the other two companies

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    You forget Gran Turismo 6. It almost pushed full 1080p running at 1440×1080. It had day to night transitions and shadows/lighting and also dynamic real time weather that can randomly occur (things that the Forza series still can’t do this day even on current gen).

    So many more games too like God of War 3, Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time (60fps that Insomniac Games stopped targeting because nobody praised them for it at the time) and Killzone 2 (and then 3 obviously, I mention the 2nd one as even that one has never been outdone by anything in Xbox 360’s lifetime since so the 3rd one obviously widens that gap even more enhanced further by 3D and Move support).

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